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Author Topic: Window Stuck Down  (Read 920 times)


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Window Stuck Down
« on: August 15, 2011, 10:14:00 AM »

Hey everyone my window motor went the other day and the window was stuck in the down position.  When I searched the forum I couldn't find a post on how to get it up at least temporarily.  So here was my temporary fix.  

First is the removal of the interior door panel.
The door panel is in 2 separate pieces.
  There are 3 screws on the bottom part of the panel(2 where the pocket is located one by the end of the door where it opens.) The bottom part should pull out and then down.

The top piece has  2 more screws where the door opens. 1 at the door handle 3 behind the bottom panel you just removed. 2 between the door and the front of the car as well as 2 behind the door pull(You have to pop off the cover to get to them). Also right the panel where the mirror is attached should be removed. Pop the insert out of the center and unbolt the bolt underneath it is a 10mm the  mirror panel should fall right off.  The main panel should pull up and off.

Now to the real issue of  getting the window up. There are 2 holes towards the bottom of the door you can see a bracket and 2 bolts lined up with these holes. First try pry the window up if you can being careful to use the bracket not the window. Don't force it if it won't go back up. If all else fails you can do What i ended up having to do. Which is carefully remove the 2 bolts mentioned earlier. The window will move down so be careful it doesn't break the window.  Once these are removed the window should move rather freely( if not the track or the guides may be bad/broken) move the window to the up position a friend would be great to hold the window for the next step. I used vice grips to hold the window in place but anything you can think of to hold it up will do. I also put a folded piece of old floor mat in between the window and the vice grips to avoid breaking the window.

Reverse the steps for panel removal and your down until you can do the permanent fix.
Sorry for being long winded but I did it as a step by step for anyone who had to do it in a hurried way ie. rain was coming as it was for me.


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Window Stuck Down
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2011, 04:26:00 PM »

Did you try to clean your switches first or use battery to try to raise it?
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Re: Window Stuck Down
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2017, 11:40:10 PM »

After finding no information on the internet about removing a Capri door panel and having some difficulty doing it, I will add...  The panel would not simply just pull up for me after removing the screws because of tight clips in the top plastic trim next to the window.  The top of the door panel in my car is sandwiched in the black top trim piece and I had to pull it out towards the interior at a right angle.  The black colored long piece of trim is a "C" shape (cross section) that snugly holds the top of the door panel with tension.  Reassemble by forcing the top of the panel carefully into the trim, reattach the electric motor harness, reinsert door latch through its hole, and rescrew.  I hope this may help someone else.


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Re: Window Stuck Down
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2017, 11:53:30 PM »

Just did this like a month ago your gonna pull off all the bolts pop off the inside door opener, twist it off the rod/clip to remove it. Then your gonna pop off the covers on inside if the door for the bolt on the side mirrors. There's gonna be a few screws in the door like maybe 5 or 6, atleast 2 on the sides if I recall right. Once you have it all unbolted your gonna wanna open the door and pull up you may have to get a friend and while your pulling have them unhook the clips that get stuck. Let me know if this helps, I had a real hard time when I did mine.
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