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Pulled motor to do rings and head gasket, and got super carried away! new pics!

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Aus Capri:
Hey Eshepherd, I guess it's making around 300ish at the moment but should be able to make around 400hp with a good tune. I have seen 1.6 miatas with 400 so I guess it's possible on our motors too, they are the same block.

As for the manifold number 1 and 4 runners line up pretty much spot on and 2 and 3 and not that far off, I just cut the civic flange between the runners leaving a bit of civic flange left on the end of each runner so I had a solid bit of steel to weld to the b6t flange to make it easy to weld. I didn't move number 2 and 3 runners to line up 100 percent with the ports on the b6t flange they were close enough I could fill the tiny gap with weld then shaped the inside of the runner with a dremal to smooth it out.

Thanks for the posting pic advice!

We are lucky here in aus the cars keep really well, my capri only has a few rust spots and that's only because used to live near the beach! In general cars keep really good here.

I'm originally from the UK and the cars there rust out real bad too

Dave Robbo

That is a crazy build.

Hey I'm glad you got the pictures to work. This thing is absolutely insane looking. Phenomenal work there man. How bad is the lag with such a big turbo on there? Does it still handle well at speed? I'd be afraid of some crazy bump steer at those speeds with such a short wheel base. Kudos, though. Easily the coolest one of these cars I've ever seen.

Aus Capri:
It makes about 5 psi around 3200rpm and making ok power at 5psi with the big turbo, no boost at all under 3000rpm though. It's not too bad under 3000rmp, the 8.6/1 compression ratio pistons bring the compression up to 180 so it's not to dull. It makes about 10psi by 4200rpm and then in a split second goes to the moon!

I only give it the beans in straight lines and make sure their ain't no corners coming up. I wouldn't give it full throttle around corners at high rpm that's fore sure you can morerate the throttle and give it a little boost around corners but even in a straight at high high boost, it's hard to keep it in a straight line, it's pulling all over the place.

I had it up to 32psi tonight but was hitting 12.9 afr (a bit lean for that boost) so I backed off, the clutch is useless at that power too. I'm gonna pull the motor in a few months after I save my penny's up for a decent clutch and a billet geared oil pump. Then I will see what that 32 psi actually feels like when it makes it to the wheels!

That sounds thrilling, and absolutely terrifying. Have you taken the thing to a drag strip? I'd LOVE to see some videos of that, or even just a picture of your run sheet. Shit, have you got any videos of it even on the street? I bet it sounds nasty. How big is that exhaust, like 3' ID? Do you have any issues with boost creep?

Sorry I keep asking you a million questions....I'm just super curious about your build. This is where I'd love to get my car in a few years times. Just with some big fat tires on the front, and a roll cage ;D


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