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Pulled motor to do rings and head gasket, and got super carried away! new pics!

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Aus Capri:

1mm overbore to 79mm with forged Wiseco 8.6 compression ratio Pistons,

Cometic multilayer Stainless steel head gasket

Arp head Studs

Maxspeeding forged rods (meant to be good for 200hp per rod)

King race bearings main and rods

Polished crank journals

second hand head resurfaced and serviced

rotating assembly, assembled and balanced by Dominator engines Sydney

single ceramic ball bearing / Journal bearing GT3076 turbo

Modified turbo b16 civic manifold with a b6t flange welded

custom 4" downpipe into 3"exhaust all the way back

external wastegate

civic 3 row half radiator = new thermo fan

ebay intercooler

and heaps more i cant think of off the top of my head

Fresh deck, bores, pistons and arp studs.

Shiny 79mm 8.6/1 Wiseco Piston (sold for lowering the compression ratio of n/a 1.6L Miatas for turbo applications)

VJ14 and GT3076 comparison

Wrapped modified b16 civic manifold

VJ14 on left GT3076 middle (obviously) and VF12 on right

Old Bores after headgasket blow out me refilling it with water to confirm headgasket failure and foolishly letting it sit for 2 weeks, i should have drained the water and ran it for a second to blow out any water and lubricate the bores with oil...

Stock exhaust vs 3inch

Mocking up exhaust

Check out how filthy the bay was

Painted engine bay

Engine coming together

Intercooler fitted

Finally finished after 9 months

I was running out of fuel at around 19psi at 5000 rpm so i couldn't help my self and i removed the blow off valve(recirulation valve) and stole its silicone t coupler and moved it up to the throttle body to use as a spot to mount an additional injector, i pissed off the idle air valve and used the port off the intercooler piping to mount the original recirulation valve and plumbed it back to the silicone t coupler before the turbo.
I mounted a pressure switch set to 20psi to activate an additional injector and it works a treat! 11.7 afr up to 25spi at 6500rpm

In that last pic its at 25psi at 6500rpm with a 11.7 AFR. Its a screenshot from a video i took whilst driving but i have spotted a problem reviewing the footage, My Brand new 6 puck clutch and pressure plate are slipping after 5000rpm aaaarrrrggghjhhh  in third gear its doing 85Kph at 4000rpm 105kph at 5000rpm and only 115 at 6500rpm! it should be up around 135 by that point, i can see in the video the tacho spikes but not much happens on the speedo after 5200rpm. Lesson of the story is, dont buy a cheap piece of crap  xtd clutch. there claims are wildly inflated of this clutches holding power its got a tiny bit more bite than stock and thats it. if you have any plans of real power gains stay the hell away from XTD clutches. the price should have been a dead give away!

A bit of history on the car I've had it for about 3 years it was $700 Aussie dollars with 8 months rego! bargain as that's not far off what 8 months rego costs! it had a blown head gasket and a misfire when i bought it and the oil looked like grey sludge!

did the head gasket and changed the leads (fixed misfire) then got addicted to boost, first just turning up boost then VJ 11 comp wheel upgrade and 380cc injectors, then a VF12 from an old legacy on 22 pounds (went pretty good at this point! I blew the head gasket and that's when i took the motor out and got carried away 9 months ago. I have a wideband 02 sensor and gauge i use to monitor the Afr's and tuning is done by a combination of tweaking the airflow meter, bigger injectors, chipped ecu with a more aggressive fuel map and now its got the big turbo an additional injector before the throttle body triggered off a pressure switch set to 20 psi. It makes 25psi by 5200rpm and still has a 11.7 afr at 6500rpm

Hope you all enjoy the thread, its been a mission but i'm so happy with it! (its absolutely mental when boost loads!)

Dave Robbo (boost addict)

rocketman, hit me up if you can raise the rev limit on a chipped stock ecu, it has a fueltronic chip in it... im keen!

Nice looking car.

Aus Capri:
thanks man, it looks a bit off at the moment i had to hammer a buldge in the bonnet to make room for the top mount turbo thats an older pic up the top

Aus Capri:
Anyone out there know if there is a way to up the rev limiter on a chipped standard ecu, it's got a fueltronic chip in it... I'm looking at you rocketman.... 😂

This looks like a hell of a build. What sort of power are you aiming for? Have you got any more details on how you used a D-Series Honda exhaust manifold with the Capri? I find that fascinating. Do the exhaust runners line up with the ports, or was it more involved than that? I hate how flimsy these manifolds are.

Also, for the pictures, I upload my stuff to imgur. From there, they give you a forum code link that you can just copy and paste. In multiple sizes, even.

Good luck with your build though man, this looks awesome. Your car is super clean too, I'm jealous. I can't wait to get out of the Northeastern USA. Damn salty roads keep eating my cars.


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