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1994 XR2 resurrection

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Got the old fuel tank out without too much fuss. Never seen something rotted like this before.

It seems to have rotted from the inside out, crazy. The bottom outside of the tank is in great shape. The filler is quite bad, too.

New tank should be here tomorrow. I'll see if I can get it running and then work forward from there.


New fuel tank arrived:

It's a Spectra MZ2B for the 86-89 323 or 88/89 Mercury Tracer. Pictures showed a raw metal tank but this one is painted silver.
Fit as it should, the only thing different was missing a little tab to hold a check valve or something for the vapor vent line. And there's some foam bits installed on the OEM tank for sound purposes I guess, this does not have them. No drain plug either. Snagged the last one on Amazon for a cool $78 with free shipping.

I got the tank in and tested the fuel system. Found the rollover switch was unbolted and laying in the trunk from someone else's troubleshooting. Easy fix.
Cranked the engine a bit before giving it fuel to get the oil moving, and then she fired up no problems. Had a decent lifter tick until it warmed up but it sounds real good now.

Talked to the guy I got it from, it sounds like it was last running maybe 4-5 years ago, but based on the shape of the fuel tank I kinda doubt it - who knows. The battery that was in it is a Ford Motorcraft battery, maybe from 96? The date code portion is torn off. Either way it's running now!

Took it for a spin around the parking lot, clutch feels good. But it has no brakes so a short spin was all I did. The shifter is stiff as can be, I suspect the linkage at the shifter is rusted, needs TLC.
My order of copper-nickel brake line, fittings, and a new flaring tool came in today so I'll be tinkering with making new brake lines for it. Not looking forward to all that.
Contemplating doing the Big Brake Upgrade on the fronts, it likely needs new rotors & if I'm going in there I might as well do it with future service in mind. I wish there was an easier Master Cylinder upgrade


Started on the brake lines.

There's a lot of small differences in the 94, it's interesting to see the little bits that changed. There's some sort of brake pressure switch on the firewall that is not present on the 91 I have. But the 91 has a cut out in the firewall insulation for the block. The plug for it runs into the engine harness.

Anyway, had to make a tight radius bending tool for this line, took two attempts, first time I cut it a bit too short. Oh well. Needed the practice anyway
This was the only line that I could visually see was completely shot, so I put some fluid in and pumped the pedal, and could hear it shooting out under the car. Apparently there's another busted spot in the rear line(s) where it comes out from under the engine subframe, at the base of the firewall. Looks like a joy to get to that area to replace those lines, even if I were to remove the engine. Any tips on that one??


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