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1994 XR2 resurrection

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Great that you are sharing a rare one.

Update: After dragging ass on it for the past year, I've finally transferred the title to my name. And moved one of my plates to it. I had an afternoon off that gave me the time to get to the local notary place. Just haven't been able to find the time to get that done so haven't been able to do much else to it.
Life's been absurdly busy this year, I'm hoping to get something done with it soon while there is still top-down weather left.

Maybe updates soon??

Hah, glad our conversation got some motivation going for you as well. I yanked my FR hub off yesterday...and then my son woke up from his nap. But hey, progress is progress, right?

I've been fixing up an old power wheels I found in the trash for him. I should put a build thread up here for that lol. At least it'll end up driving sooner than the Capri  :'(

Awesome thread, cool to see you posting your own stuff here Matt rather then helping us with tech stuff. That XR2 looks super clean, glad you were able to get it so cheap, its in the best hands it possibly can be!

@EShepard, I for one would love to see a writeup of restoring a powerwheels for your kid :D. I feel as a community sharing things besides just our Capris will help us grow closer together, aswell as keep this forum a little more active.


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