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Author Topic: No spark problem  (Read 243 times)


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No spark problem
« on: May 18, 2020, 01:59:12 PM »

Hey guys,
New to this group, although I have had my Capri for about 5 to 6 years now. Anyway, I parked it in my garage for while and came back to find that it does not want to start. After running through some tests I found a couple things.
#1 it has no spark
#2 the tachometer does not bounce while starting.
Now I've read up on a lot of posts here so I know that these symptoms usually point to a failed ignition control module. I have since replaced it with a new motocraft ignition control module but nothing has changed. I suspected that maybe the harness to the distributor was compromised but as far as I can tell it seems good. All the grounds in the engine bay have been cleaned and sanded to ensure they make good connection, although there was no change after doing that. It also has a brand new NGK ignition coil.

Something I did notice while testing the ignition coil harness is that I absolutely get the 12v on the positive terminal while key is in the run position, and the normal 10v while cranking. However, as far as the negative terminal of the coil, I get .07v while in the run position and .157v while cranking (as apposed to the 6v I'm supposed to be getting according to other posts on this site with similar problems) This is consistent every time I test it. It seems that something is trying to happen on the negative side but clearly not enough. I've been at this problem for about a month and I could use some advice if you got it. I know these issues are unfortunately rather common for these cars. I am suspecting the "ignitor" (as the manual calls it) located deeper in the distributor although I'm not sure.


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Re: No spark problem
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2020, 12:41:10 AM »

It sounds like you went through the troubleshooting list but the last step. Check for continuity at the pickup coil....
Yes - Replace Ignitor
No - Replace Pickup Coil.

When mine went out I just bought a used distributor off of here, much easier.
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