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Author Topic: Removing gearbox from motor, can the intermediate shaft stay in the gearbox?  (Read 74 times)

Aus Capri

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Hi I'm pulling my motor to do clutch, piston rings, gaskets and front/rear seals, I have read rocketman's run-down on how to pull the motor, though I am concerned about the part where he says if when you remove the intermediate shaft, to wire up the spider gears in the diff with wire.

My question is can I take the gearbox of the motor whilst keeping the intermediate shaft still in the gearbox as to not need to worry about dropping the gears inside the gearbox?

Rocketman🚀  thank you for the run down on how to pull the motor it will help me heaps! You are the man!


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Yeah, he's the man.
Jack Byrd


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Hah, no problem. Yes I believe you can leave the int. shaft in the transmission but it makes it a bit unwieldy
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