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Mark your Calendars.....   for the 17th Annual MACG in Francesville, IN on September 16th from 10 AM to 4 PM EST....  This year we will be joining in at the Francesville Fall Festival Car show... All Capri's will be together within the park....  Registration will be up and running shortly and must be received by September 1st to receive t-shirt.   This years cost is $30 per car, which includes the cost of one t-shirt.  Additional t-shirts may be ordered at $15 each for sizes s to xl ( 2x or 3x = $18 each)....   I will forward hotel information in a few days....  For those who would like to come in on Saturday, there is a parade at 2 pm EST if wish to join in on parade.   So mark your calendars and hope to see you all there!

What kind of turnout do you usually get?

Jack Byrd

Oh, it's going down.

I'm tempted to make the drive over from Fort Wayne for the show because it's so close. But, my Capri is nowhere near show quality. Any rational person would have sent it to the scrap yard by now, but I have hope for shining this turd.  ::)

Dude, just send it. My dog leg is falling off and I've got more dents than a rural road sign, and I'm still showing up.


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