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Author Topic: Stiff brake pedal after heavy use  (Read 773 times)


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Stiff brake pedal after heavy use
« on: August 23, 2017, 12:48:07 PM »

Good to meet member & first time poster!  After test driving 5-6 Capri's, I found a '91 that didn't feel wore out.  Only problem was I could feel the binders sticking (ever so slightly) sometimes while rolling to a stoplight.  Then years later, I noticed the sticking got more pronounced after heavy use (going thru school lines or traffic jams) & the pedal would get progressively stiffer with each application.  Last month, while stuck in a jam over 90 minutes, the pedal was completely stiff after the first hour.  And I could hear pinging from the engine as it struggled to get back going.  After 15 miles of clean road at 70 mph I exited and eased pressure on the pedal, which went almost to the floor & had to be pumped again to fully build up pressure.  WHAT MIGHT BE MY PROBLEM, FOLKS?  I thought my front/right caliper was a bear to bleed last time around.  In fact, I asked the man to reset the caliper because they the brakes kept "wooshing" every time I'd attempt to bleed the line.  Dude reset it & we stomped the pedal & bled the pedal back to normal.  I don't notice any veering to one side or the other under heavy braking.  I checked the brake fluid this week & levels are fine...color looked to be clear with a slight green/brown tint.  In a perfect world, someone has seen this problem & cured it with a $5 & little effort...but my life is never perfect.  Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated. 

I love this car...but I feel like I'm re-hosing this car one leak at a time.  And the idle has been running 2100rpm at startup after changing the battery a few months ago.  I'm afraid I'm just not mechanical enough to keep it running right or dependable.  Six months ago, I bought an '05 MR2 Spyder to replace the Merc BUT there's literally no room for cargo in an MR2.