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Author Topic: Whats wrong with it?  (Read 849 times)


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Whats wrong with it?
« on: March 06, 2017, 03:58:09 PM »

OK folks, hopefully someone has some ideas.

My capri is a parts car for a festiva motor swap. But I can't get it to run right. Will idle and run to 6 grand without issue, as long as you wind it up slowly. If you stab it, she stumbles.

Looks like I have a water pump leak. It was pretty empty when I tried to start it on Saturday. It was idling at 3000. however it reved perfect from there. just wouldn't slow down. Once I figured out it was out of water, I shut it down. Added water, and the idle came down to just under 1000.

I inched it back to 3000 with the throttle, and stabed it, stumbled.

So its not just being at a higher RPM.

Is it a mix issue? (rich or lean?) smells rich.

Any ideas?