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Author Topic: Boston area Capri owners  (Read 741 times)


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Boston area Capri owners
« on: August 10, 2016, 08:12:45 PM »

I bought my 1991 Capri 7 years ago to encourage myself to drive.  I love this car.  After a lot of work we got the car looking and running better than it ever had, but the last time it was in the shop and on the lift, the car sank and our mechanic said the driver's side A pillar is completely compromised by rot.  I am having a really hard time accepting this and would like to get a second opinion.  I know the car is probably toast, but I was wondering if there was a mechanic or body shop in my area that another Capri owner would recommend.  Also if the car is done, I was wondering if there was a Capri owner in the Boston area that may be interested in the car, since it has many newer parts.  I have pictures at
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