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Capri RS Build(WashiestSnakes Build)

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Body Modifications
-94 Tailights
-1991 Mustang GT Sideskirts customized to fit the Capri
-Clubsprint Front End
-Aftermarket Seats
-Big Bang Sport 77s in 16x8
-Rear Seat Delete(Complete)
-Roll Bar(Functional)
-Strut Tower Brace
-Mustang SVO Steering Wheel or Stock GTX Wheel
-94 Black Interior(Excluding Dash)
-Fender Bracing
-Chassis Bracing
-Coil-Overs(Not sure on brand)
-Big Brake Kit
-Fender Flares
-Stock Premium Stereo
-Four Point Harness(Color Matched To Interior)

Engine/Driveline Modifications
-BP 2.0L Flyin' Miata with A-Beam Rods Stroker kit
-Cryo and Shot Peened GTX Trans/Swap
-93 Miata VLSD
-Jackson Racing Supercharger Kit
-Megasquirt 3
-Port, and Polished Head
-GTX Box Intake
-3 Inch Exhaust Side Pipe

-Interior Clean(Originally was smoked in)
-Ford Badges replacing Mercury Badges
-1993 XR-2 Spoiler(Had to be repaired, and painted, it came from a Green 93) Yet to be installed
-New Battery
-Front Respray(Done by me, I eventually will get a professional full respray done)
-Front End Bumper and Header panel work(Required 40 hours of body work, still not perfect)
-Rear Seat, And Convertible Top Removed
-Chassis Bracing(Front, and Rear Strut Tower bars, Lower Arm Bar)
-1994 Tail Lights
-1994 Sun Visors
-1994 Center Console
-Rear Seat Delete Made
-1994 Door Panels
-BP05 Engine Picked Up (needs rebuild)
-Big Brake Kit Assembled(Needs install)
- New Alternator
- New Heater Core Hoses
- New Struts

NOTE: I'm new to car mods please help! ANY advice/guidance will be taken more than likely.
UPDATED- For ease of readability

Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on it!  Keep it up!

Can't wait for the pictures.


Which year GTX are you looking for?


--- Quote from: azgtx on June 10, 2016, 11:12:51 PM ---Which year GTX are you looking for?

--- End quote ---
Just looking for a BF, plan is to do a swap on the Capri that's why I'm looking for a thrashed one I don't wanna  ruin a good car. I just want to get the AWD Bits in tact/rust free. I could care less about the shell. I'm also not looking soon, I plan to do it sometime later this year moneys tight currently.


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