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Author Topic: Lets talk Mid-America Capri Gathering and Bag-O-Crap.  (Read 1707 times)


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Lets talk Mid-America Capri Gathering and Bag-O-Crap.
« on: May 27, 2014, 06:59:27 PM »

It is for YOU,  people like Cheryl & Rick, Shirley, Russ, Tony, Matt, Miriam, and Brittany among many others, have taken on the responsibility to bring about an event each year.  As far as I know, no one has ever made any money hosting a Capri related event, because we do it for YOU.   WHY???  Because we're nuts.  Yep, plain and simple, we're coo-coo for coco puffs.

We enjoy bringing others together.  We salivate at the thought of multiple Capri's lined up all nice and neat (the more, the better) and the case of "Perma-Grin" we get when everyone is standing around talking cars is just awesome. 

We want everyone who has a Capri to come to one of the events around the Country, or even host one.  Everyone should also make to to the Main event of the year, THE LARGEST GATHERING OF CAPRI ENTHUSIASTS IN THE WORLD!!!: The Mid-America Capri Gathering.  What an incredible event it is.  I cannot even begin to explain how much fun these things are.  Our gatherings are always SO very cool, but it's the "After Party" that can get a little out of hand.  How many remember Matt shooting flames out of his exhaust at 3:00AM in the motel parking lot?  After party is optional like our clothing.  No, I'm just kidding about the clothes part, no one wants to see us naked.

The event does not stop there, because so many get together the next day before heading home and have a good breakfast, and I can tell you it's hard to say goodbye sometimes.  Friendships, ideas for mods, contacts for parts and trouble shooting are made and prove to be invaluable to Capri owners.

Now I am retired Navy and I have done my fair share of traveling and I can tell you that the park we are having our event at is one of the most beautiful and interesting city parks I have seen.  It has mini golf, frisbee golf, a merry-go-round, paddle boats, tennis courts, fishing, band shell, baseball diamond, great walking trails, multiple playgrounds and massive old growth trees around the 200+ acre park.  The surroundings can't get any more beautiful and yet at the same time very intimate and perfect for our gathering.  Visit the Facebook page for pictures I posted today of the park.

It has been a tradition each year at the Mid-America Capri Gathering to give out miscellaneous items which we throw in a bag or box and call it the Bag-O-Crap. 

Each year we ask people to consider buying an item for around 35 cars and send them to the coordinator.  I have found that a couple bucks (per car) can buy some really nice stuff.  For those of you who have come up for a Gathering in the past but can't make it this year, I ask that you remember your B.O.C. and think "What could I do to make it better?"

Please consider sending an item for the B.O.C..  If we receive nothing, nothing will be given out and that's sad because it's a really cool tradition that started with the first Bag-Of-Crap at the 2nd Mid-America Capri Gathering with Kangaroo Scrotum's filled with semi precious stones called the family jewels.  Yep, a real bag.

Every year because of YOU, we have received car wax, multi-piece logo'd screwdrivers, fire extinguishers, flashlights, hats, super balls, stickers, boxing kangaroo pens, flags, flags, and more flags, just to name a a couple of the items donated by the great members of our group. 

Please help keep this tradition alive.

HEY!!!!!  Lets get registered at  Deadline for T-Shirts, award winning BBQ, Main lot/prime parking to a 1000+ car cruise night (over 10,000 people visited) with bands and food and memories to last as long as you can remember them, is July13th almost a month away.

This year for the first time EVER we will be selling event t-shirts to the public.  This decision has caused a firestorm of controversy, butt I understand that there are people who live distances which only truly dedicated (read that as "awesomely crazy") members will make, and would like to wear their Capri pride, so we are giving you the opportunity. 
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