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New XR2 Project!

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I picked up a new project XR2 for me - she's in rough shape but rust free & completely salvageable!


116k miles. Wrecked front end, shot top and interior. Been sitting for 8-10 years now. We'll see what I can do to fix her up, came with everything I need to repair the front end so that makes life a little easier.

Hoping to get her running soon as a replacement daily driver, and then I have some big long-term plans for it  

In-transit to my shop.

Hi Matt,She looks good I know you said she came with what you need for the frount but I have a 91 parts car if you need any AC stuff or what ever. Pittsburg isnt that far away you know that. Diane is a great cook an my beer is cold.We are leaving friday morning for the meet get to the hotel that night,an bum around sat.Throw Russ a line an see If there be a get togeather that night,see you there. John

Thanks John I will let ya know if I need anything, I think I'm pretty well covered at the moment though. Guess I could use a soft top with a decent rear window if y'all got one layin around.

Like I said the front end was buggered:


If there's anyone out there that's ever replaced a header panel, you know what a pain these are. I'd done one on my old XR2, but it was a crude job. I'm trying to do this one "right"

Get to play a long, tedious game of locate, punch, pilot drill, and drill out spot welds. I ground my own bit for removing the welds - they're available purpose-made but at the moment I've not the cash to throw at one.


It's surprised!


About 100 of these later


A note to anyone doing this: Probably best done at a pro body shop lol. If the panel's just dented, you can replace just the skin. In my case the under-structure was pretty well damaged, it's a single piece with the radiator support so all that came off too

Old piece is off - it was even repaired once in the past prior to whatever wreck later. You can see the frame under the panel is damaged - it's the same piece of metal that makes up to the radiator support


Gotta clean up & remove all the extra sheet metal on the donor piece


Just aboot there


Test fitted:

It still needs a handful of grinding before it can be re-assembled. I've decided it needs to be welded back together, there's not enough meat on the headlight buckets or elsewhere for it to be bolted together. Everything's too thin

Scrap pile!

More to come once it's welded into place!

It's surprised! LOL Love it!


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