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Author Topic: my 1993 N/A  (Read 1944 times)

gary scott

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    • 1993 N/A blue / white soft / blue hard top
my 1993 N/A
« on: October 27, 2013, 11:55:11 PM »

This is the first convertible I owned.

purchased December 2011 because I needed a car. I found mine on craigslist. at first it was advertised for $800. then it dropped to $600 or best offer.
I got it for $500.
It is blue with a white top (also came with blue hard top)
I have some kind of aftermarket 5 spoke wheels that get dirty too easy. still look ok when cleaned up.

I'll get some pics on here one of these days.

It needed a motor mount and door handles, and the windows didn't work.
175,000 miles and speedo not working.

I found out the front motor mount is the same as a 91 festiva. $8.95 advance auto.

the distributor $125 at local salvage yard. (old one repaired now I have a spare) -- bare spot on wire going through the housing caused it to short out at the worst times. it took me a couple weeks to track that problem down. 

the wheel bearings - right front thanks for the instructions and tips Matt

the starter. Old one had bad solenoid due to leaky heater hose. Very easy to change.

4 New Tires - stock 185/60R14"
New battery
inside door handles

fuel pump
front break pads
Seat covers

Things I still need to do:
outside door handles
paint job
outside trim for hardtop
new soft top
window regulators and/or motors
driver side map pocket
repair defroster tape on hardtop
speedometer cable
gear shifter bushings
lenses all the around (marker, turn signal, maybe even 94 tail lights)
maybe a body kit and bubble top after all the rest is done.