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Author Topic: $4 solid motor mounts  (Read 1768 times)


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$4 solid motor mounts
« on: September 02, 2008, 05:48:00 AM »

I found someone on Homemadeturbo making custom motor mount for putting a turbo d-series into a '83 civic hatch.  instead of the usual polyurethane or girly stock mounts, he used hockey pucks.  After a quick trip to the sporting goods store and a couple quick measurements they fit absolutely perfectly into the stock outer mount and cost $4 for 2. Here's the pics:
^this is the stock inner mount it was filled with windo-weld but still to soft.  I took it to my local machinist and he knew me well enough that he didn't even charge me to press it out.  Clean the inside of the piece not pictured very well.
^Apply a bead of windo-weld or similar around the outside of the hockey pucks, this holds them in place once it dries.  Insert the hockey pucks, the fit is tight enough that you will probably need a hammer.  
^The ID of the sleeve needs to be .5 inches.  The hole that neeeds to be drilled depends on the sleeve.  Do yourself a favor and use a drill press, hand drills don't work. Seriously.
^this is why you don't use hand drills.  The width of 2 pucks is exactly the width between the parts of the motor mount on the transmission.

Review: vibrates dashboard, shifter and hood latch at idle. Eliminates wheel hop under most situations but exposes weakness in to stock rear mount, that'll be a project for next time the engine's out.
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